Healthy Choices

Why I became a vegetarian

For several years increasingly more people adopt a vegetarian style, a vegan one or an extreme one – raw vegan. The reasons are many – from intolerance or displeasure to health, from mercy to animals and an eco lifestyle to the simple fact that for many people it’s just a trend and they wanna be in it.

It has been almost 8 months since I am vegetarian. I was a big meat eater until about 4 years ago. Then I began to eat meat increasingly less. Not for special reasons but simply because I no longer felt the need.

Then less and less at home – but when I was out I was very tempted by fast food. I don’t stand hunger at all – I become nervous and irritable – so I had a period of two months when I ate fast food almost every day.

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My Style

My Style

I love fashion with all inclusive – but most of all I love fashion history, great creators stories, the original ideas of clothes, podium presentations – fashion as art.

When I was younger I dreamed of wardrobes full of clothes and shoes, like every girl passionate about fashion. I started buying more and more because I thought I need them all. This year I tried to focus on the fashion section. I thought that this represents me best.

At one point I became tired. I always paid attention to my photos,  to not repeat the clothes the colors the shoes, and I realized that this kind of person isn’t my kind of person, isn’t me and that I didn’t need this to be happy.

I don’t want to be a superficial person. I never was and still, I almost fell into the trap.

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“And will all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun.”

ZEN will be a category full of positive energy, good feelings, and good vibes – tips for a good mood, soul music, inspirational quotes.

My kind of beauty

My Kind Of Beauty

I am not a great consumer of beauty products. I don’t use many products, I keep one of each product (the exception here is 2 perfumes). The only products that are in many flavors or colors are lipsticks (3 at the moment) and shower gels (it depends – sometimes 1 or 2 – sometimes 4 or 5).

Before I used to buy more products. I didn’t use them all – didn’t fit or didn’t like them so the products ended up gifts or garbage – wasted money.

Yet I will write here about products that I like and use or tips and tricks which I find useful.

Healthy Choices

Healthy Choices

About 4-5 years I started taking seriously my lifestyle. Until then I didn’t give so much importance to my consumption, use or any kind of living. The first step was giving up processed foods and sodas – I cheated occasionally, but the basic idea was already established.

Then I started doing a lot of research and I tried to do all kind of changes in my life – food, drinks, cosmetics, etc. Now I am in a pretty good phase, but there’s still a lot of work.

So in this section, we’ll talk about a healthy lifestyle, natural products, foods, tips and tricks for natural beauty, etc.