About me

  • Adelina Elena (Adelaine)
  • Funny and friendly
  • Romantic and sensitive
  • I love nature, animals, the sun, the moon, the stars
  • I could look at the sky forever
  • Sometimes, I love animals more than people
  • I cry when animals die in movies
  • I am vegetarian for a while now, but not for superficial reasons and in no case because it’s a trend
  • Carrots lover, I think that in another life I was a bunny
  • I like photography with all its forms
  • I like to draw, although I’m not talented
  • Book lover, I read a lot
  • Tulips and peonies are my favorite flowers
  • I would have liked to live in those years when long dresses make women look like princesses
  • I would have wished that technology doesn’t evolve so much and capture our lives and souls
PS: English is my second language so isn't perfect, but I still learn. Feel free to throw tomatoes when I make mistakes, I just want to share my thoughts worldwide (haha). I'm kidding, but I love English and I want to improve it.

Thank you for passing by! ♥